How a Perisen Life Settlement Works

Perisen offers a new way to access cash in retirement. We buy existing life insurance policies from Canadian seniors who no longer need the protection or find the premiums unaffordable.

Your Decision to Sell Your Insurance is a Personal One

Life insurance is an important financial instrument we buy to protect our families and businesses. Once retired, though, the coverage may no longer be needed or may become unaffordable. 

Selling an insurance policy is not suitable for everyone. Reasons to sell a policy are as unique and varied as those to buy the policy originally. When a policyholder no longer needs the coverage, it is very important they have a system by which they can achieve a fair value for the asset they have paid into for years (sometime decades) that provides a superior value to surrendering or lapsing their policies.**

Every year in Canada, people over the age of 70 lapse or surrender more than $5 billion of insurance. It is time for a solution to this enormous waste and Perisen is a first step in Canada for seniors to be offered a fair value for their unwanted insurance. 

The following questions can help you determine whether the life settlement option is suitable for your situation:

  • Can you continue to afford the premium payments on your policy?

  • Are you considering “lapsing” or “surrendering” your policy for any reason?

  • Have the investment options in your universal policy under-performed?

  • Do you currently need the policy, or have you outlived the beneficiary?

  • Has your estate plan changed?

  • Do you need additional funds to assist with retirement expenses or other costs?

  • Would you like to invest in other investments?

  • Is there a family member or members you would like to assist financially before your death?

  • Is the policy a “key man” policy no longer needed for business?

  • Do you have debts you’d like to repay now?

** Price is dependent on life expectancy, total death benefit, cash value, loan value and other terms; suitable policies are likely to be valued between 10% and 30% of total death benefit; and price reflects cash value retained to fund future premiums. 

You Should be Able to Decide How to Manage Your Assets

Canadian seniors abandon more than $5 billion of life insurance every year. Life insurance is a financial asset owned by the policyholder, a point that’s frequently misunderstood due to inconsistent provincial regulations and lack of awareness. Currently in Canada, the provinces of Saskatchewan, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia allow the life settlement transaction. If you live in one of the other provinces and would like to see the life settlement option available in your province, contact your MPP or MLA to raise awareness. 

It is quite likely that the value of your life insurance policy has grown over the years to the point where it could be a substantial portion of your net worth. However, in order to access that value during your lifetime, you may need to sell it. 

A Perisen Life Settlement lets you access the current financial value* of your life insurance policy freeing up the cash you would need to make premium payments and providing you with an immediate source of funds. And you and your estate never have to repay any loans or other obligations. 

A Perisen Life Settlement is a Canadian financial solution that can benefit Canadian seniors. Perisen is a Canadian company that has been in operation since 2013. 

* Price is dependent on life expectancy, total death benefit, cash value, loan value and other [terms]; suitable policies are likely to be valued between 10% and 30% of total death benefit; and price reflects cash value retained to fund future premiums.

The Equity in Your Policy Belongs to You

Perisen makes it possible for eligible policy owners to realize the value they have built up in their policies after having paid premiums for years or even decades. You have invested a lot of hard-earned money into your policy and it’s important that you are able to decide whether selling it is appropriate for you. 

With the Perisen Life Settlement option, you are now in a position to control an important part of your financial resources. Should you decide that selling your policy is appropriate for you and your family, Perisen can help you navigate the simple process to achieve the fair value you deserve and frees you from the low value options offered by the insurance carriers. There’s no reason your policy should ever be a burden to you or your family and you are entitled to receiving the fair economic value of your policy as determined by the market rather than having to accept less, or nothing.

Once you have completed the process of selling your policy, you receive full payment immediately and you or estate will never have to repay anyone including us or the insurance company.

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